Stay ahead of the learning curve with BOLD Nuggets

Custom e-Learning solutions and development designed to accelerate workplace training

    The Smartest Way To Learn

    BOLD Nuggets are bite-size, 3-5 minute microlearning videos featuring
    insightful, application-based lessons that match your brain’s natural
    tendencies of developing memory and attention span focus.

    Employees will experience an enhanced learning curve; acquiring knowledge faster, retaining it longer, and applying it at a moments’ notice, with

    We offer two types of courses

    General Courses

    Curated by specialists and taught by industry experts. We help your team learn the skills and knowledge needed to perform their best.

    Custom Learning Courses

    Developed specifically for your team. They can be on any topic to address business objectives and solve your unique training needs.

    A training strategy that delivers results

    Impactful content and microlearning videos that keeps learner engaged
    Active learning exercises for the highest knowledge retention
    Supported by a powerful Learning Management System managers and teams love

    Make it happen with BOLD Nuggets.

    The training system your team needs.