Reimagine Workplace Training

Microlearning videos packed with engaging content delivered in the most innovative and impactful way.

Tap into the pinnacle of your employee's potential

Our video-based, social learning, action-based and competitive gamification features are perfect for the increasingly digitally-dependent generation.

3-4 Minute Videos

Attention spans are shorter than ever and the most effective way to fully optimize an employees' learning is through bitesize microlearning video training. Each Bold Nuggets course will feature up to 15 nuggets.

Active Learning Exercises

Bold Nuggets challenge employees to apply their knowledge in real-life-scenarios and on-the-spot situations. The active learning approach increases retention rate up to 90%!

Impactful Content

Developed by content specialists and taught by industry experts, each Bold Nugget is curated with thought-engaging and current content that is relevant. Coupled with our graphics and striking visuals, we take training to a new level.

Compliance and Accountability

We built a Learning Management System that makes reporting and tracking easy. Learners take accountability and are motivated to keep up.


Award points, badges, certifications, and leaderboards keep your team motivated all the way. Friendly competitions never hurt nobody!

Social Sharing

Times are changing and so is the culture of learning; we are social beings and that doesn't stop when it comes to training. We recognize the importance of community learning, we encourage learners to share their goals, learnings and to interact with their peers.

Why Bold Nuggets is more than an eLearning platform

Bold Nuggets taps into the natural process of collecting information and teaching disciplines. Our video and production team, coupled with our industry experts, conceptualize 3-5 minute educational training videos that are insightful as they are entertaining.

Expect microlearning videos of the highest visual and sound quality with content that is industry-relative and lessons that are memorable.
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We enable, enrich, and empower every employee to reach and perform to their highest potential. Employees are the backbone in any institution, when you invest and nourish your team, they will apply that same attitude to your clients and vendors.

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