Refresh and Modernize Your Training Program

Nothing makes an employee switch off and lose focus faster than outdated videos, graphics and boring PowerPoint slide shows. It’s time to give your training content the modern facelift your employees and brand deserve.

Does your training represent your company's brand?

Quite often, the first interactions a new employee has with their company’s branding is the on-boarding and training during their first few weeks of employment. What kind of training are you providing to your employees? Is it face-to-face training? Handouts? PowerPoints? Videos?  Is the training you’re providing representing your brand the way you want it to? If not, we can help.

What Bold Business Nuggets can do for you:

Transform face to face trainings and boring PowerPoints

Turn your PowerPoint and labor intensive face-to-face training into bite-sized, entertaining and engaging videos.

Give your existing video trainings a modern and fun twist

We can add interactive learning exercises, gamification and social-sharing elements that will increase knowledge retention. More importantly, it will make learning fun!

Get up-to-date on your training

Internal policies will change over time, and new software tools will be acquired and new business processes will be introduced. Sometimes what you need is just a quick and easy update that brings you and your team up to speed again. We can help you.

LMS system to support your training distribution

We have a Bold Nuggets Learning Management System that can host and deliver your training. It provides robust reporting on employee performance and tracking on their progress.​

Give your training content the modern facelift it deserves!

Ready to try some BOLD Nuggets?